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Should I use an indoor camera as a baby monitor in Ithaca?

May 30, 2023
Parent using smartphone to view video of child from indoor camera

Your new nursery is close to being complete for your beloved little one. You spent hours building the cradle, painting the walls, and setting up the changing station.You even finished up the room with a line of plush animals on a shelf. But how are you planning to keep watch of your baby? You can opt for the standard approach with a regular audio monitor or take it a step further and use the tools at your disposal in your advanced home security system.

Even though it might seem a bit unexpected to use an indoor camera for a baby monitor in Ithaca, it’s actually an outstanding option when you recognize the advantages.

Your security system’s indoor cameras in Ithaca are ideal baby monitors

Most importantly, your indoor cameras are connected to your complete smart home and available via an easy-to-use app. This provides you practicality and reassurance since you can keep an eye on your baby from any location via your phone or portable device. Here are more reasons why they make sense:

  • Real-time high-def video: You’ll get detailed, high-definition video of your baby. You are even able to view recorded segments straight from your smartphone.
  • 2-way talk: You’ll not only hear what’s going on, you have the chance to talk to your child right through your indoor camera. This is a nice tool to soothe a restless sleeper. Better yet, you may use the talk feature via your smartphone app, regardless of your location.
  • Wide-angle views: Your indoor security camera will have a wider viewing angle than most traditional baby monitors. You’ll see every move your tot makes.
  • Motion-sensing with updates: If your newborn decides sleep time is finished and wants out of the bed, you are able to get motion-activated notifications sent directly to your mobile device.
  • One-tap call-outs: Even though this feature is typically for older kids, it’s worth a mention. With an easy touch of a button, your youngster can touch base with you by means of the app on your smartphone.

Having your entire smart home right in a simple app on your phone is a fantastic benefit. If you notice that your little one is struggling to sleep and decide it might be a little uncomfortable in the nursery, you are able to adjust the temp on your smart thermostat. If they wake up, you can turn on the area’s smart lights to let them know you’re on your way. Have a second child? You may integrate two indoor cameras and enjoy access to each of them with a lone mobile app.

Design Your Ithaca smart home with indoor cameras

Would you like to use an indoor camera as a baby monitor? Design your own Ithaca smart home and get the assurance and safety Vivint’s modern surveillance equipment can offer. Call (607) 600-9658 today and discover how we can make your home more convenient and safer for all family members.